Performance Driven Giving is an empowering journey that will inspire you to give and live like no one else.

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Performance Driven Giving Book Bonuses

The Roadmap to Unleashing the Power of Generosity in Your Life

Bonus #1

Listen to The Full Interviews

Listen to each full-length interview featured in the book. 

-Download all of the interviews in the book 

-Listen to each conversations about the power and impact of giving. 

Featured interviews of Dan Miller, Ray Edwards,  Tommy Breedlove, Andy Storch, Vincent Pugliese, Bea Boccalandro, Dan Cockerell, Aaron Walker, John David Mann, Honorée Corder, Janet V. Green, Skip Prichard, Rita Ralston, and Charles George. 

Bonus #2

Download the Performance Driven Action Guide

Listen to each full-length interview featured in the book. 

-Download the action guide for the book 

-Apply what you learn from each chapter.

-Use this action guide for private journaling or group study with friends, or within your church, workplace, or organization.

Bonus #3

30 Minute Live Call with The Authors + Q&A

Join David Hancock, Bobby Kipper, and Kent Sanders on a live video call talking about How to maximize Peformance Driven Giving.  

-You will hear David, Bobby, and Kent discuss how to maximize performance driving giving in your business and life. 

- Live Q&A - Get your questions answered at the end of the live chat. You can ask David, Bobby, and Kent any question about Performance Driven Giving. 

Performance-Driven Giving should be required reading for every coach, consultant, and leader who wants to harness the power of giving to make a massive difference in people’s lives.

—Teresa McCloy, coach and creator of the REALIFE Process®

Teresa McCloy

coach of the REALIFE Procss®

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